Bringing Paul's Vision to Life


The Paul Sherwen Project was established to support the good that Paul was enacting in Uganda and across East Africa – empowering local people to drive progress and economic development through education, job skills and personal training, while promoting & protecting the unique culture and environment of their communities.

Join us and help make a difference. Our projects directly support local communities of East Africa. Your contribution will make for a more prosperous tomorrow.


Paul & Phil’s favorite time of the year…

…when we count on your generosity to achieve Paul’s vision for young people in Karamoja.

Phil Liggett at the dedication of Liggett Hall, February 2024

Paul Sherwen, 1983 Tour de France

Paul & Phil worked together on 33 Tours de France. Thanks to Phil’s involvement in the Paul Sherwen Project, they are still collaborating – this time bringing progress to Karamoja, Uganda

Tour de France Fundraising Events

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Monday, July 8th

8am PDT/11am EDT

Ben Stiller & Paul Sherwen

Monday, July 15th

8am PDT/11am EDT

Christian Vande Velde

Tour de France 2024

Phil Liggett | Ben Stiller | Christian Vande Velde

Miss the action on Tour de France rest days?

Join a select few when you sign up for an exclusive 1-hour online Zoom chat with Phil.

Ben Stiller, actor and cycling fan, joins Phil Monday, 8th.

Christian Vande Velde, NBC’s fearless moto-reporter and ex-pro, joins Phil Monday, 15th.

Your ticket price of $300 goes straight to Paul’s project in Uganda.

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Monday, August 19th

8am PDT/11am EDT

Women’s Tour de France is Riding Off with All of the Fans

Let’s Talk Women’s Cycling!

Mari Holden, USA Women’s cycling star is back to tell you all about the women’s race.

Your donation of $165 to join a small group of fans also supports women in Uganda.

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Join Paul’s Peloton

If you love cycling, running or any other athletic endeavour, why not do it 4Paul and become a fundraiser for the school?

Email us – We can show you how!


DeFeet’s Paul Sherwen Project Sock Celebrates the Tour de France

DeFeet cycling socks are known and loved by professional, amateur and weekend warriors worldwide. Partnering for a good cause, as they often do, when you buy a pair of Paul Sherwen Project cycling socks you’ll make your feet happy while contributing to Paul’s vision of empowerment in Africa.


As aired on NBC Universal – 2024 Tour de France (3:41)
Overview of the Paul Sherwen Project 2019 (1:52)

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