All of our donors are important to us but a few, through their very generous donations, have shown a special commitment to continuing Paul’s vision for a bright future in Karamoja. We’d like to give them special thanks and recognition.

Hoffmann Family

The Paul Sherwen Foundation thoughtfully guides investments to improve living conditions and
provide training for youth, in way that promotes future prosperity in a nurturing, accountable manner
while caring for the community.

We are honored to be part of this exceptional program and encourage others to join the noble efforts
of the Paul Sherwen Foundation.

Yellow Jersey

Tim Grady & Catherine Allan

2x Yellow Jersey Winner!

It was an honor to be Paul’s friend. Like thousands of others, I miss him very much. I have found a way to channel that feeling by supporting his legacy that lives on in the Paul Sherwen Project.

Steve & Liz Bruff

Although we never met Paul personally, he joined us in our living room for three weeks each year. We feel honored to support the continuation of his work in Uganda.

Green Jersey

Helgi Shuford

My visit with Paul in Uganda was exhilarating. He greeted everyone, from officials to the man on the side of the road in the bush, as if they were old friends speaking the local language and making them laugh. Paul was genuinely connected to his Ugandan community.

Dr. James & Debbie Sbarbaro

I first met Paul and Phil during the Tour of Colorado in 2011. I am so impressed with the work that Paul’s legacy is creating in Uganda through the Paul Sherwen Project. We also had the pleasure of joining in the July 10th “Behind the Scenes of the Tour de France” Zoom call with Phil Liggett. It was an exciting and personal hour and a half with Phil. We felt so honored to participate.

From Debbie and myself,
“It is better to give than to receive.”

Polka Dot Jersey

President, Robert L. Hughes

We value Paul and Phil’s contribution to the cycling community and know that our tax-deductible contribution will make skills training possible for young women in Uganda and will improve lives for years to come.

White Jersey

Brian Sadler

Dan Goese

Thomas Stallings

Rodger Baldridge

David Arnold


Bristol Myers Squib

Stacy Roney