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If you love cycling, running or any other athletic endeavour, why not do it 4Paul and become a fundraiser for the school?

Email us – We can show you how!


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November 28, 2023

Giving Tuesday – 28th November

End of Year giving to your favorite charity!

Please consider supporting us again in 2023 so that together we complete the much-needed Multi-purpose hall for the Matany Girls’ students & staff to gather.

21-29 October, 2023

2022 ToK photos courtesy Marije Boot

Cycle4Paul – 2023 Tour of Karamoja

Paul would have loved this event!!!
$11,000 raised in over 100 donations, many of them for the first time!
Thank you!!!

Katherine, Miranda, Ben & Wilf cycled their hearts out, 350 miles/7 days riding through dry, remote, semi-nomadic communities, welcomed with traditional dances that highlight their joys & challenges.

The Tour of Karamoja gives back by offering scholarships to young women nominated by these communities to attend Matany Girls’ Vocational School.

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July 2023

MGVS multi-purpose hall completion target date February 2024

Thank you for a successful Tour de France!

With your help we raised $70,000 for the new multi-purpose hall at Matany Girls’ Vocational School!

Phil met many of you on the French roads or online to talk about cycling, the 2023 TdF and why he supports the work of the Paul Sherwen Project. NBC Sports shared a video of Paul and the work of PSP which so many of you took to heart and contributed financially to Paul’s dream.

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Monday, July 31st

Women’s Tour De France
Live Zoom Recap

Online with Mari Holden, Joanne Kiesanowski & Sean Petty


Mari Holden, American Olympic cyclist, joins us again for this 2nd Women’s Tour de France post-race re-cap.

Joanne Kiesanowski, former New Zealand professional rider and current Sports Director of the women’s Human Powered Health team, joins us from the European racing circuit.

Sean Petty, US Cycling Hall of Famer, will once again host our discussion.

Mari Holden, American Olympic cyclist, joins us again for this 2nd Women’s Tour de France post-race re-cap.

Joanne Kiesanowski, former New Zealand professional rider and current Sports Director of the women’s Human Powered Health team, joins us from the European racing circuit.

Sean Petty, US Cycling Hall of Famer, will once again host our discussion.

The first 20 people to register with a minimum donation of $100 joins this exciting Zoom event.

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Monday, July 10th

Zoom with Phil Liggett
1st Tour de France Rest Day

Back by Popular Demand

An exclusive Zoom event with Phil Liggett!

Thank you to all who joined us on Phil’s rest day to talk about this exciting 110th edition of the Tour de France!

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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Monday, July 17th

In-Person with Phil Liggett
2nd Tour de France Rest Day

Join Phil Liggett with Other Fans

Meet Phil in the Alps and get the inside scoop on the race.

Private Event

29 November 2022

Giving Tuesday

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Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift

Let’s celebrate the Women’s Race coming back to the Tour!

Highlights Discussion Online with Mari Holden & Sean Petty

Olympian & 6-time U.S. Champion Mari Holden will share her insights on this historic race that is returning to France for the first time since 2009. U.S. Cycling Hall of Famer, Sean Petty, will host this Zoom session to talk about this exciting women’s race.

1 August, Monday

Sean Petty
Mari Holden is an American Olympic medalist who has won six U.S. championships. She holds a place of honor in the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame as a Modern Road and Track Competitor and works as a  community director at USA Cycling.
Sean Petty
Sean Petty was inducted into the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame. He managed the 7-Eleven cycling sponsorships for men, women, and juniors road and track teams, including the first U.S. pro men’s team in the Tour de France. He was a senior manager in 51 UCI World Championships and a team leader in the Olympic Games.
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Tour de France Rest Day Exclusives with Phil Liggett 2022

The Paul Sherwen Project would like to thank Phil wholeheartedly for providing his and Paul’s fans with an opportunity to see and speak with him about this year’s Tour de France from Phil’s unique perspective of daily race coverage this year and for the last 50 years!

Phil’s willingness to not only give of his time to share his love of cycling with the fans but also his devotion to his friendship with Paul by chairing this foundation doing good in Paul’s name for his beloved adopted home of Uganda is truly what living a good life in the service of others is all about.

We are so grateful to you Phil. And we love getting to work and spend time with you!

Alakara nooi *


Katherine, Mo, Sarah, Sean, Curtis & Chris

27 March 2022

Tullio Cycling Club Raises $2,400 for the Paul Sherwen Project

Tullio cyclists rode the ultra-tough Zwift Uber Pretzel, climbing 7,000 feet over 80 miles for approximately 5 hours. While the route was virtual, the grueling five hours in the saddle was very real and very challenging.

We thank the hearty & big-hearted cyclists of the British business leaders cycling club and their supporters who generously donated. Your sweat and sore muscles will be converted to an opportunity for students at the Matany Girls’ Vocational School.

30 November 2021
Matching Donation Challenge


“I Believe in Paul”

Tim Grady and Paul spent many years bringing professional cycling’s Spring Classics & Tour de France videos to audiences in the USA.

“My time with Paul covering professional cycling was some of the happiest moments of my life. It was an honor to be his friend. Like thousands of others, I miss him very much. That’s why I am supporting his legacy that lives on in the Paul Sherwen Project.”

“Together, let’s complete the Matany Girls’ Vocational School that meant so much to Paul.”

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5th Tour of Karamoja

23–30th October, 2021

The Tour of Karamoja envisioned by Paul with friends Pat Montani and Theo Vos introduces the adventurous traveler to the wonders of Karamoja first-hand, on a bike. To experience this unique spot in Africa Paul knew you had to take your time, enmesh yourself in the environment, interact with the people and sleep under the stars. October 2021 marked the 5th Tour of Karamoja. 21 cyclists from Uganda and abroad pedaled 500km in 6 days traveling dirt roads, footpaths and wildlife tracks. They rode up mountains, into valleys past herds of zebra and antelope, pedaled through streams and challenged themselves for a ride of a lifetime.

The Paul Sherwen Project is thrilled that the organizers added the element of “Riding 4 the Girl Child” to raise scholarships for the Matany Girls’ Vocational School. Visit to learn more about this event and plan your participation in 2022!

Quotes from 2021 Tour of Karamoja

“The friendships and camaraderie will last a lifetime.”
“Ahhh guys, from here it’s a small climb and then we will reach our lunch stop.”
“Everyone had their small sufferings.”
“The beautiful story of overcoming and challenging ourselves. The joy and celebration after reaching the finish together.”

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On 19th of July, the day right after the finish of the 108th edition of the Tour De France, the Voice of Cycling and Chairman of the Board of the Paul Sherwen Project, the indefatigable Phil Liggett, gave a peek behind the scenes of the Tour de France to keen cycling fans who had so generously donated $500 per ticket for the opportunity to ask him their burning questions about this year’s Tour, his unique partnership with Paul Sherwen and cycling in general. With the help of these special donors and many others we surpassed our goal of $5,000 for this event bringing in $6,800 for the Matany Girls’ Vocational School.

Thank you, Guv!