Paul’s love affair with Africa began early in his life when his father took a position in Uganda, East Africa. Spending school holidays in the remotest, northeast corner, known as Karamoja, Paul soaked up the calls of the birds, the dialects of the people, and learned the habits of the wild animals. When his family moved back to England Paul picked up a bike as a way to regain the freedom he grew up with – a 40-year career as a professional cyclist and television commentator began.

Commuting to professional cycling events like the Tour de France and the Tour Down Under, for over 20 years Paul would return to his family base in Uganda where he was passionate about helping his community. He was active in a group that trained bicycle mechanics and distributed bikes to kids. He was chairman of the Ugandan Conservation Foundation dedicated to saving Uganda’s wildlife by supporting its national parks. And he led cycling-based safaris to help drive tourism to the area.



When Paul passed in 2018, friends got together to share stories and were astonished to learn the depth of his work off-camera.

Moved by his efforts to support and elevate the country he loved, along with his family, we decided to turn our sadness into action to keep Paul’s dream alive. By connecting with many of you, his friends and fans the world over, through select programs, the directors of the Paul Sherwen Project will continue to nurture a strong, economically viable and skilled community that Paul envisioned.

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“If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.”

African proverb