Our purpose arose directly from Paul’s efforts to help local Karamajong people build skills to actively
participate in the economic development that was happening around them. Matany Girls’ Vocational
School embodies this purpose.

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And our achievements – built with your contributions!

Meet school founder-director, Florence Naduk, below.


Campus Infrastructure – Water & Power

Given the extreme weather and isolation of Karamoja, water and electricity are not readily available.

The school needs proper infrastructure to achieve its mission.

Without plumbing, all water must be hand-carried.

Mother & Child Residence

Being provided through the generosity of the Hoffmann family

Having a baby should not prevent a woman from following her dreams.

The new Mother & Child Residence will allow a young mother to keep learning while taking care of her infant.


Phil Liggett Hall

Completed February 2024

Dedicated to Phil for helping to achieve Paul’s dreams for his beloved Karamajong community.

This multi-purpose hall will serve the school community at meals, assemblies and celebrations for years to come.

Phil with Florence and students.

Paul Sherwen Workshop

Completed February 2022

Matany Girls’ Vocational School is the first of its kind in this northeast region of Uganda, Karamoja. The new Paul Sherwen Workshop doubles teaching capacity to offer life-changing opportunities to empower young women with vocational, entrepreneurial and industrial training skills in this remote area.

Paul Sherwen Workshop



Matany Girls’ Vocational School offers quality and relevant skills training programs to vulnerable girls in an area where life opportunities are limited. Economic hardship and logistical challenges force many out of school into unregulated economic sectors, particularly challenging and dangerous for girls. MGVS is the first vocational school exclusively for girls in Karamoja. Hear the school’s founder-director, Florence Naduk, explain why building the school became her life’s passion and what students there hope to gain.

Florence Naduk, Director of Matany Girls’ Vocational School (1:07)

The Matany Girls’ Vocational School, founded by Paul’s dear friend Florence Naduk, was supported and nurtured by Paul. The school trains and empowers young girls in vocational skills in the Karamoja region of Uganda. Since the school opened in late 2020, almost 200 girls have been housed and trained in tailoring, hairdressing, catering and hospitality. Future courses will include agri-business and construction.

Our PSP construction campaigns are literally changing the landscape of Karamoja at MGVS. Under Florence’s direction the school is becoming known as a centre of excellence where both Ugandan support organizations and international NGOs know their students will receive the professional skills training they deserve in their home region of Karamoja.

Join our caring donors and sponsors to provide opportunities for these young women who will have the power to improve their own lives and will impact their villages and communities. Support Paul’s project!

School Life

Matany Girls’ Vocational School – Welcome Song

Matany Girls’ Vocational School – Traditional Dance