When Paul Sherwen used to call home to Uganda while working on the Tour de France, the TV compound would stop and listen in amazement. Paul was speaking to his friends in fluent Swahili. None of the broadcasters understood a word. But to East Africans, he was speaking with a fluency rarely heard from a non-indigenous person. The Ugandan people loved Paul and Paul loved them. Although he was born in the northwest of England, when asked where he came from he always said, “I am from Uganda, mate.”

Hear, in Paul’s own words, what made Karamoja so special.

Paul Sherwen (3:07)


Over half of his life was spent in Uganda where Paul felt at home amongst friends. In their own words, hear why they felt Paul was such a special person.

Ismael Ssebayigga, Cyclist & Bike Shop Owner (0:52)

Lilian Kamusiime – Wildlife & Safari Guide (3:12)